Terasaki Exhibitions is a 501c3 non-profit organization that promotes art exhibits that give viewers a new perspective and inspire them to create change in their communities and around the globe.

Kava Ceremony Objects
Between Two Cultures, Curitiba Biennial, Curitiba, Brazil - 2017


Art that Inspires Change.

Terasaki Exhibitions promotes traveling art exhibits that explore critical cultural and environmental issues, such as immigration, the fragility of our environment, and the preservation and importance of native cultures. Each exhibit is an opportunity to engage viewers, challenge them to adopt a new perspective, and inspire them to make a positive impact. Terasaki Exhibitions believes that art has the power to promote important causes as well as make meaningful connections between individuals, within communities, and around the globe.

The mission of Terasaki Exhibitions is to inspire global change through art.

Terasaki Exhibitions is comprised of interdisciplinary creatives who aim to create impactful contemporary art that touches audiences as well as reaches beyond them. Graphic designers, photographers, engineers, architects, researchers and others contribute their skill sets to execute the creative vision of Taiji Terasaki, a Honolulu-based conceptual contemporary artist.

Founded in 2016, Terasaki Exhibitions seeks to broaden the experience of contemporary art as well as the relationship between humanity and the world through poignant art installations.

Partner with Terasaki Exhibitions

Terasaki Exhibitions believes in the power of community and connection. We strive to collaborate with non-profit organizations that share in our vision of a world that protects, values, and celebrates all forms of diversity. Through these partnerships, we hope to create connections between and share art with communities around the world. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out below.