Our Exhibits

Each of our exhibits are purposefully created to engage viewers, challenge them to adopt a new perspective, and inspire them to make a positive impact.

TRANSCENDIENTS: Immigrant Stories of Place
TRANSCENDIENTS: Immigrant Stories of Place is a community-driven traveling art exhibit by Terasaki Exhibitions. The contemporary pop-up exhibit showcases the unique immigrant communities and immigration history specific to each city it travels to through technology-based storytelling, contemporary portraiture,  and immersive...
  • Feeding the Immortals
    Feeding the Immortals is an exploration into how we respond to death.  When Honolulu contemporary artist Taiji Terasaki's father passed, he felt untethered. Lacking any strong religious affiliation, Terasaki was unsure how to grieve. He craved a ritual or ceremony that would allow him to...
  • Mist Over Kaena Point
    Would we work harder to conserve our environment if we thought of nature like mist? Kaena point is a jewel in its example of nature preservation and conservation. This magnificent land is a heritage to the physical and cultural richness of Hawaii...