TRANSCENDIENTS: Immigrant Stories of Place

TRANSCENDIENTS: Immigrant Stories of Place is a community-driven traveling art exhibit by Terasaki Exhibitions. The contemporary pop-up exhibit showcases the unique immigrant communities and immigration history specific to each city it travels to through technology-based storytelling, contemporary portraiture,  and immersive experiences.

“I am a descendant of immigrants. My parents were interned in the Japanese Relocation Camps during World War II. It is acutely painful for me to see echoes of history in current times. American policy makers are mistreating refugees and economic migrants that endure great challenges to flee violence, poverty, injustice, and brutality in their home countries. We need to do more to embrace diversity and multi-culturalism. I want to invite our community to celebrate and poetically hold space for the many immigrants that make up who we are as a nation”

- Taiji Terasaki, Executive Director & Artist at Terasaki Exhibitions



As a visitor travels through the larger-than-life public installation, they will be immersed in various immigrant experiences. One portion of the installation will feature community-submitted portraits of immigrants printed on overhead “light forms” as well as projected on ceiling-high walls of vapor. Driving home the point that we are all immigrants, an interactive structure will encourage community participation with staff live-photographing portraits then projecting visitor portraits onto vapor and/or screens in real-time. In a third portion, stories of immigrants will be given voice through and immersive soundscape.