Honolulu Artist Announces Launch of Non-Profit Organization to Promote Art That Advocates for Our World


Jessica Tronoski
Terasaki Exhibitions, Communications Director
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 Honolulu Artist Announces Launch of Non-Profit Organization to Promote Art That Advocates for Our World

HONOLULU, HI (January 14, 2019) – Honolulu-based contemporary artist, Taiji Terasaki has launched Terasaki Exhibitions, a non-profit organization with the mission of inspiring global change through art. 

Terasaki Exhibitions aims to create and promote traveling art exhibits that explore critical cultural and environmental issues such as immigration, climate change and the resilience of nature, and the preservation and importance of native cultures. Each exhibit will be an opportunity to engage a wide range of audiences, challenging them all to adopt a new perspective and inspire them to make positive impact in our world. 

“It is through impactful exhibits that Terasaki Exhibitions offers a gem of hope and inspires humankind to be wise and visionary stewards for environmental and cultural challenges,” says Taiji Terasaki, Founder and Executive Director of Terasaki Exhibitions. “Terasaki Exhibitions believes that art has the power to inspire contemplation, spark reaction, and catalyze action as well as make meaningful connections between individuals, within communities, and around the globe,” he added.

March 8-17, Terasaki Exhibitions will unveil their inaugural exhibit titled TRANSCENDIENTS: Immigrant Stories of Place at Thomas Square Park in Honolulu, HI. The public week-long pop-up exhibit will showcase the unique immigrant communities and immigration history specific to the greater Honolulu area through technology-based storytelling, contemporary portraiture,  and immersive experiences. As a community-driven project, Terasaki Exhibitions will solicit the submission of immigrant stories and portraits via their website. The exhibit will be free to the public to enjoy.

For more information or to connect with Terasaki Exhibitions, please visit terasakiexhibitions.org


About Taiji Terasaki
Taiji Terasaki is a Japanese-American contemporary artist based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Terasaki’s work engages us in the concerns for cultural and environmental conservation, preservation, and restoration. These subjects are prevalent in his past exhibits:"Rebirth: Planting Again the Agroforestry Mindset”, and the mist container installation "Edible Landscapes for the Trillenium”. His performance, installation, and photographic work in "Feeding the Immortals" and his current traveling exhibition, “TRANSCENDIENTS: Immigrant Stories of Place“, encourages us to connect to our cultural heritage.